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External appearance and body language is the first look of any individual. Dress is the one which gives perfect presentation to one's appearance. We follow the famous message quoted by Dr.A.P.G.Abdul Kalam which say" Low aim is crime" .We are happy to provide our best quality services to the client in the market.

We Are Dac's Inc

Uniform Experts

Established in the year 2006, Dacs Inc has been furnishing Educational Institutions, Industries, Hotels and Corporates with premium uniforms. Over the years Dacs Inc has mastered the art of uniform making to give our clients an exciting experience in choosing the right uniform tailored to perfection to the clients specifications.

Dacs Inc is a part of Devichand Misrimal & Co who has been supplying the finest quality fabrics close to a century now. Its no wonder that the quality of the uniforms at Dacs Inc is also the finest. With its multi-channel retailing, Dacs Inc allows you to choose a retail and delivery model that suits you best.

We constantly strive to bring you new and innovative products and ideas to keep you a step ahead of the competition

We have more than 200+ satisfied clients base across Bangalore and all over India including premium educational institutions, Hotels and Premium companies. We even have supplied to international clients across the world including Singapore, African countries and Middle East.

Having its base in Bangalore, Dacs Inc has spread its wings across the country stitching dreams.

Dac's Inc Products






Dac's Inc Services

The company started its manufacturing activities in the year 1912. In the initial stages the company use to manufacture civil wear later it expanded in manufacturing garments and textile products required in hotels, industries and hospitals. A strong production base makes it possible for us to meet the large requirements of the hospitality industry. DAC'S has a very strong and modern production infrastructure that helps them to cater big, small chain , single hotels and work wear for industrial and institutional use , not only in India but also abroad.


Uniform required in Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals and other Industries. Products like Uniform for Chef, Utility, Security, Driver, Steward, Doctor, Patient etc. Aprons of various kinds, Doctor Blazer, Lady Doctor Dress, Nurse Dress, Doctor and Nurse Operation Dress, Operation Chamber Dress etc., Pinoforms, Skirts, Shirts, Shorts etc. for Schools.

Hotel & Hospital Linen

Bed Sheets, Pillow Covers, Pillows, Blankets, Night Spread, Mattress Protectors, Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Bath Mats, Shower Curtains, Napkins, Over Lays, Table Covers, HandkerChief, Banquet Sheets, Frills etc.

Event Costumes

All kinds of fun dresses like lion, mickey, donald duck, rabbit, dog, winny the phoo joker, monkey, cock, Santa Claus, etc

Readymade Garments

Shirts, Trousers, Blazers, Jackets, Short Lenghth Coats, Sarees, Jodhpuri Coats, Pathani Suit, Kurta Payzama, TShirts, Caps, Ties, Boes, Scarves, etc.

Textiles and Fabric

Suiting & Shirting, Printed and Plain in worsted and gabardine varietes etc.







#105/2, Surveyor Street

K.R Road(Near Cool Corner)

Basvangudi, Bangalore - 560 004.


(+91) 080-41234140, 41206892

(+91) 90354 09090